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To digitalise portfolio management, you need intuitive tools as well as a secure infrastructure for a reliable data flow - and you need a wealthtech partner who supports you in fully exploiting the potential of the software. You can rely on our experts' advice and support. Regarding functionality, it's our ambition to equip you with a complete feature set. We provide you with all the tools and metrics you need to master complex portfolios today and are already developing the features for tomorrow.

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Cutting-edge wealthtech software


Let your clients experience digitalised wealth management with their personal wealth cockpit. It comes as an app for smartphones and tablets, or via the web. Today, investors expect more than just to be informed once a quarter. They want to overview their assets anytime, anywhere. Transparency and added value through self-service - that's digital customer experience at its best.


QPLIX portal brings digital power to the front office. Relationship managers have an overview of all assets from any device and the ability to answer all questions at any time. They can run through scenarios with clients. They have all the tools to make informed investment decisions and place orders directly. Data in action.


Report "near real time" based on current and consistent data, in different languages and currencies. Provice clearly structured reports about whatever aspect your client ask for, whenever they ask for it. With just a few clicks, you can generate customized PDFs in your branding for printing or for sharing digitally. This is how customer centric reporting works today. 




Complemented by Services

Professional Services and Client Advisory 

Our Professional Services team supports you during onboarding and adapts the system to your individual requirements so that your team can get off to a fast start. We also lend a hand when it comes to transferring legacy data. Later, we are always available for continuous professional and technical support. Our Client Advisory Team provides tips and shares best practices. It is particularly important to us that we continue to develop QPLIX together with you. Our consultants are happy to receive your suggestions for new functions. 


QPLIX Academy 

Our Academy provides your team and new employees with all the practical knowledge they need to get started quickly with QPLIX. This is followed by a structured learning process in which you become a QPLIX expert. We offer seminars, individually designed workshops and online tutorials. The Academy also provides you with an extensive knowledge base where you can find answers to your questions.    


Q Data: Outsource your transaction data management 

QPLIX offers a variety of software interfaces to banks so that transaction data flows largely automatically. However, these are not completely maintenance-free. This is because banks sometimes change their logic or technical problems occur on the bank side. Therefore, data must be checked and, if necessary, completed or corrected. Sources of error need to be eliminated. Our Q Data Team takes care of this for you. You can outsource any data operations tasks to them.

Based upon a solid foundation

High Security Architecture

Your QPLIX system does not run in the public cloud, but on our own servers located in certified high-security data centres. State-of-the-art encryption and authentication technologies protect against unauthorised access.      


SaaS - Software as a Service

A fully digitalised wealth management does not need a large IT department. QPLIX takes care of the operation and maintenance of the software applications and the entire infrastructure. You only have to take care of devices and internet connection. That's Wealthtech as a Service. 


QPLIX Engine

This is where all data is consolidated and refined into financial intelligence. The high-performance data technology processes over 300 metrics of all asset classes, various currencies and maps complex ownership structures. Part of the QPLIX Engine is a document management system that seamlessly connects documentation and receipts to each transaction.   

Data Network

QPLIX maintains a dense, constantly growing network of software interfaces to banks and providers of market data and valuations (such as ESG ratings). A large part of transaction data flows automatically into the system and is immediately available for workflows. This saves time and effort and keeps data consistent and up to date.   

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Sophisticated Features


QPLIX enables you to manage all kinds of asset classes (liquid, illiquid, and alternative) in one tool. The software provides a holistic view of the asset allocation and performance and enables you to do advanced analytics with a variety of metrics.

To learn more, watch our on-deman webinar on how to better understand alternative asset classes with QPLIX: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c-LoIokTyNU



Create customized reports for all kinds of purposes and in your branding with just a click. QPLIX offers you a wide variety of report elements to configure your individual report templates. These reports can then be generated on the current data basis with just a click and for different recipients, languages and currencies.


QPLIX makes it simple to act within complex (and changing) legal entity structures. The software enables you to manage an unlimited number of legal entities in complex and changing groups and to view various perspectives within this structure. Real time consolidation is provided on every level.


QPLIX automates most of your daily accounting tasks and improves your accounting quality by leveraging a rule-based accounting system. Also, it connects perfectly with external accounting software and includes a solution to keep your asset management in sync with any external system.


The software offers a solution for electronic document management. Transparency is established by deep linking of transactions and entries to corresponding parts of a document. Furthermore, the platform provides structure and assignment to a compatible hard copy filing system.


The analytics tool is designed to slice and dice your portfolio in all available dimensions. The platform makes incoming data instantly available to support your decision-making process and therefore enables you to discover real-time performance insights and to make faster and more efficient decisions.


Your team plays globally? We love it. QPLIX enables the tracking of every asset in local currency and its local time zone. The software offers a consolidation of the portfolio in the currency of your choice and shows the split between asset-related valuation changes and fx effects on a daily basis.


On the QPLIX platform, you can define your own alarms and thresholds on the basis of more than 200 available metrics and any property. Furthermore, the system enables you to establish a linked notification system, such that selected users are notified once thresholds are surpassed.

Our Customers

Pension Funds

Quintin van Wijk

Director at Institutional Trust Services B.V.

"With QPLIX, we will be able to take efficiency, scalability and transparency to a new level and expand our service portfolio for our institutional investor clients. We will now be able to offer clients a fully integrated mid- and back-office service experience that can level with the integrated offerings of more custodian-like services and that as well enables a seamless online experience across desktop and mobile devices."Digital competence is one of the most important essential success factors in competition today. Especially where classic asset reporting meets the digital possibilities of today, completely new perspectives arise for asset owners and decision-makers."
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Institutional Trust Services B.V. (ITS)

Wealth Accounting & Reporting

Alexander Etterer

Managing Director

"No new customer without QPLIX! Digital competence is one of the most important essential success factors in competition today. Especially where classic asset reporting meets the digital possibilities of today, completely new perspectives arise for asset owners and decision-makers."
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Reportify Analytics GmbH

Multi Family Office

Florian Hoffmann

Chief Operational Officer

"Investment managers today face three key challenges: First, understanding the investment in depth and understanding the investment as part of a portfolio. Secondly, analysing and understanding change and making the right decisions. And challenge number three: Explaining it to clients. What we have with QPLIX is the perfect software to really meet these challenges. We have all the information on all the different asset classes, liquid and illiquid, in near real-time, and that is very helpful and very powerful."
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Katja Becker

Managing Director, Head of FIM and Deutsche Private Port at Deutsche Bank

"With ‘Private Port powered by QPLIX’, we offer independent asset managers an innovative and powerful portfolio management system as part of our custodian bank offering. Our system is the ideal basis for simple multi-bank consolidation for our clients who also act as family offices or contact partners for their clients in all situations. Professional white-label reporting and connection to financial accounting with our partner QPLIX, we stand for customised solutions and support for your processes."
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Deutsche Bank

Wealth Research & Consulting

Andreas Ritter


"We regularly analyse a large number of real client portfolios of independent asset managers as part of the Germany's Top Asset Managers study. Together with our technology partner QPLIX, we have now taken the next step by using this huge wealth of data on asset allocation for an anonymised trend analysis with the new Trendmonitor Vermögensverwaltung. The result is by far the broadest data-driven analysis of the portfolio structure of professional investors in the German-speaking world,"
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Institut für Vermögensaufbau (IVA)

Tax and Wealth Accounting

Rainer Kröll

Founding Partner

„We use QPLIX in particular to give our clients a glimpse into the future. Our customers are not just looking for a reporting tool, but a technology that enables them to implement their business models. This means: no retrospective confirmation of data, but a strategic tool for future planning.“
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GKK Partners

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