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Our ambition is to create the one and only platform that provides wealth managers with everything they need to outperform their clients' expectations in the here and now. We look beyond our horizon and are already working on the requirements of tomorrow. This makes us the innovation partner of wealth industry leaders. Together with them, we are developing the future of fintech for wealth industry leaders.


QPLIX digitalises the management of complex wealth. The fintech platform’s customer groups include single and multi-family offices, foundations, investment funds, investment advisers, institutional investors, and private banks such as the Deutsche Bank Wealth Management. The QPLIX software holistically maps the entire range of liquid and illiquid asset classes as well as complex legal entity structures. It consolidates all investment data from multiple sources and banks in a high-performance database and provides them for holistic controlling, accounting, analytics, and reporting. The SaaS solution enables managers and clients to securely access data, documents, and tools via browser- and app dashboards at any time. The company Qplix GmbH was founded in 2012 by the family office managers Kai Linde, Philipp Poetzl, and Mathias Lindermeir. In 2020, the platform reached 120 billion EUR Assets under Management. With offices in Munich and Frankfurt, QPLIX employs a team of over 100 finance, software, and business experts.   

We, Kai Linde, Philipp Pötzl and Mathias Lindermeir, are the founders of QPLIX. After working in asset management for several years, we found that we kept running into the same problems and inconveniences. We knew exactly what needed to be changed.
And one day we just did it.

QPLIX Milestones


Scale up

At 10 years old, we are already something of fintech veterans. Even though we still hold on to our start-up spirit, we cannot deny that we have evolved into a full-fledged scale-up with an established business. In 2022, we passed the 100 employee mark and continue to grow rapidly. (While we're at it... take a look at our careers page).  


Hello World

In 2021, QPLIX international business saw a major boost, with customer wins throughout Europe and the Middle East. We also became a member of the SWIFT network and integrated ESG scores to enable our clients to analyse and report against sustainability criteria. 


Deutsche Bank Win

In 2020, we won Deutsche Bank Wealth not only as a customer, but also as a strategic investor. While Deutsche Bank holds a minority stake in QPLIX, our business remains completely independent. 



In 2019, we introduced the QPLIX Academy. The Academy offers standardised training sessions (one or several days basic and advanced training packages), held by coaches with comprehensive QPLIX experience. An overview of the entire training offerings can be found on this website.


Client Portal

In 2018, we introduced a digital client portal. It offers a simplified version of the QPLIX-software and delivers relevant digital views for advisors and clients.


Advanced Reporting Tool

2017 was all about wealth reporting: With advancements and new features, QPLIX developed into a highly flexible reporting tool and an extremely advanced and userfriendly reporting process was enabled.


iPhone App Release

In 2016, the “Investors Portal” App was introduced. It allows investors to have a look at predefined views of their portfolio and conveniently click through the levels in their smartphone app.


>50 bn AUM

Since 2015, over 50 bn. EUR worth of assets are managed on the platform. This includes all different kinds of customer groups, such as Single and Multi Family Offices, wealth managers, asset managers, trusts, funds and administrators.


Constant Innovation

Continuously, the platform is improved in all kinds of aspects. For instance, QPLIX introduces an Excel Add-in in 2014. With the introduction of multi client-features, the first Multi Family Offices and wealth managers adopt QPLIX as their IT platform.


>10 bn AUM

Only one year after its foundation, assets under management already surpassed 10 bn. EUR. The first QPLIX customers were mainly Single Family Offices.



In 2012, QPLIX was founded by Kai Linde, Philipp Pötzl and Mathias Lindermeir, three investment professionals working for a German Single Family Office at the time.

From Start-up
to Scale-up


Our Team

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