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What we offer you
  • Challenging projects & rapid career paths
  • Extraordinary culture & team spirit
  • Maximal flexibility (flex work, home office, workations etc.)
  • Above-average salary & benefits
  • Revolutionizing product & services in the fintech sector
  • Tailored plan & budget for your personal development
  • Legendary team events
  • Cake every now and then. We love Cake.

Our team is our number one asset and our inspiration, its members our daily companions, biggest fans and worst critics. Therefore we aspire to create and maintain a working environment, which is equally enjoyable as productive and which motivates us to grow beyond ourselves. We constantly try to challenge us and our solutions in order to improve and exceed our clients’ expectations. As a young firm with big ambitions QPLIX provides great possibilities to make a big impact and to influence industry trends with your ideas.

The Team in Numbers

After-work enthusiasts
Coffee Addicts
Bike to work
Fifa champions

„In a nutshell, we aspire to work with team members that have drive and passion, and that are willing to take calculated risks and push things forward.”


Kai & Philipp - Founders & Co-CEOs

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Voices from QPLIX

The work at QPLIX is characterized by an incredible amount of positive motivation. You simply notice that we are a team working towards a common goal. I personally think that QPLIX covers an extremely interesting intersection between Finance and IT and it is fun to see how much enthusiasm our team shows for this combo.


Florian - Senior Software Engineering Principal | Tech Lead Reporting & Analytics

At our company, everyone has the opportunity to contribute their own ideas for improving the product and internal processes across all hierarchical levels, thus leaving their mark on the company’s further development. Every day, I am particularly motivated by the fact that I can pull together with such motivated colleagues.


Christoph - Senior Consultant | Squad Lead

Working on a global scale, we empower our clients, our communities, and each other to turn potential into reality.


Frederick - Junior Sales & Relationship Manager

Stellar Job Opportunities

Sales, Marketing & Business Development

Software Engineering & Development

Finance & Administration

Customer Experience

Our reviews as an employer

4.6 Kununu Score
89% Recommendations

Escape the ordinary. Be extraordinary.
Work extraordinarily.

Our Top 3 Benefits, according to our q-lleagues

Home Office

& Workations

Extraordinary Culture

& Team Spirit

Challenging Projects

& rapid Career Paths

Do it your way

You don't know yet where you see yourself in 5 years?

Don't worry, your career path at QPLIX is one thing above all: flexible. We believe in individual career paths, which is why we put extra effort in personal development and in finding the right tasks for you. With our flexible job rotations, we assure you to find what suits you right.

Flexibility at any level

For Graduates:  Kickstart your career with a trainee program in FinTech Consulting or Software Engineering and get to know our different topics and teams. You decide where you want to join after the program.

For Professionals: You have already kickstarted your career but feel like learning something new? Together with us, you will explore different opportunities within the company and are able to rotate between departments. In our regular development talks, we can find the path that’s right for you!


  • Trainee programs with flexible stations
  • Regular development talks to discover interests and ambitions
  • Internal development paths (e.g. from consultant to product owner)
  • Opportunity for job rotations

In the last five years at QPLIX I was able to work in 3 different departments, which even involved building a new area from scratch. I’m grateful, that at QPLIX you don’t need to change company, when you are hungry for new challenging tasks.


Jenny - Manager People & Organizational Development


The trainee program at QPLIX was the perfect start to my career. From a variety of challenging topics I got to choose the stations from which I expected both professional and personal growth. I was able to work with different teams, from consulting to development, and found the position that best suits me and my talents right on the job. The network I built within the company and the experience I gained are priceless.


Jill - Senior Consultant | QPLIX Academy

Instagram Insights

Happy onboarding day! 🚀🚀🚀
We are happy to welcome 4 great new Q-lleagues this month. Great that you are here - Udbhav, Salim, Sebastian & Benjamin! #fintech #bestteam #onboarding
QPLIX goes Börsen- und Kapitalmarktverein Bamberg e.V. (BKB)🎓 
Yesterday, Jakob, Philipp and Vivian, were invited to the Börsen- und Kapitalmarktverein ("Stock Exchange and Capital Market Association") at Bamberg University and got the opportunity to give a presentation on digitalization in wealth management. 
It was a very exciting afternoon with many smart students who asked great questions and were highly interested.

After the 1.5 hour presentation, everyone went to the Bierkeller together and ended the evening there. QPLIX system demo in a different environment!😉
It is incredibly valuable for us to reach out to young students and get such opportunities. And for students, it's great to get insides into various companies. Let's see if one or the other future QPLIXian was among them. 🚀
Thanks again to the Börsen- und Kapitalmarktverein Bamberg e.V. for having us. We are really looking forward to keeping up the QPLIX & BKB friendship!
Our Values at Qplix:

Every morning, our employees see our core values on their desktop, but what do they actually stand for? As a company, we have chosen three essential values that should be consistently upheld. It is important for us to have a unified work atmosphere, which can be represented by the following three values:

1: Max. Impact: "We devote our efforts to tasks that have the greatest impact."

We fully concentrate our time on tasks that will advance QPLIX as a company the most. Recognizing and choosing priorities that bring the greatest benefit to QPLIX is crucial. Understand the business, leverage your knowledge, and set priorities!

2: Own It: "We embrace the unknown, turn ideas into outcomes, and always have an opinion."

We are willing to face new challenges and uncertain situations openly. We are ready to embrace new ideas and transform them into concrete results. Moreover, we have an active stance and are not shy to express our opinions and viewpoints. This particular value of our company demonstrates our openness to innovation, our willingness to execute, and our readiness to actively participate in discussions and decision-making processes.

3: Fail Fast: "We believe that delivering quickly leads to high quality. We'd rather be wrong than slow."

Fail Fast is one of our most important values. We want employees to have no fear of making mistakes! We prefer to make decisions quickly and take action, even if it means that we might make mistakes at times. We believe that through swift action, we can learn faster, make adjustments, and ultimately achieve better results. Our priority lies in efficiency and progress, and we are willing to learn from our mistakes and evolve, rather than wasting precious time seeking the perfect solution.

Yesterday, a group of our QPLIX colleagues gathered to participate in the B2Run event, all in support of a charitable cause. Part of the proceeds from the B2Run will be donated to DKMS. It was an amazing experience for everyone involved and certainly boosted our team spirit. There's nothing quite like coming together as a team, standing up for a worthy cause, and supporting each other along the way.
QPLIX goes Yoga!!

Here are a few insights into yesterday's yoga session, connected with our Health Week. As a company, we prioritize the health and well-being of our employees. Our Health Week aims to raise awareness about the importance of physical activity and nutrition. To support this, we had the idea of inviting an external yoga instructor to organize an hour-long yoga session at Theresienwiese in the park. Our goal is to encourage our employees to explore new things and activities, both within and outside of work. Trying out new perspectives and engaging in different sports can be enriching for everyone. Many of our employees are now considering meeting up as a team for regular yoga classes after work. The feedback from everyone has been overwhelmingly positive, and the experience was truly beneficial for all of us.
Big welcome to our June Newbies!! We are super happy to have you on board: Verena, Sinem & Jan 🚀🧑‍🚀👩‍🚀👩‍🚀 #fintech #bestteam #qplixfamily
Yesterday we hab a surprise baby shower to say goodbye to Angelina, one of our great female Q-lleagues, who soon leaves for her well deserved maternity leave. Dear Angelina, we‘ll miss you lots! 💙 #bestteam #womensupportingwomen #womenempowerment
Kicking off the year with new Q-power! Already feels like you‘ve been there forever - great to have you on board! 🚀👨‍🚀 #bestteam #fintech #crewlove #munich
Ski trip with the best Q-lleagues 🚀 It’s  so great that such a large number of Q-lleagues took time out of their weekends to do this. And what can I say, we had a great time especially at the Après-ski Party 😜