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ESG Data in Action

Asset managers globally are predicted to increase their ESG-related assets under management by 84 per cent, reaching $33.9 trillion by 2026 from $18.4 trillion in 2021, a report by PwC shows.  Nine out of 10 asset managers believe that ESG investing will improve overall returns, the report reveals. With QPLIX wealth management software, you can integrate the ESG ratings seamlessly into your portfolio management processes.


  • 360° overview of all asset classes
  • ESG scores and market data 
  • Liquid, illiquid, and alternative assets
  • Full control of complex portfolios
  • Data-driven investment decisions
  • Automated workflows for increased efficiency
  • Modern and digital customer experience
  • Accessible anytime and anywhere
  • Modern reports, apps and dashboards
  • Ordering and payment



Overview your assets from the sustainability perspective

Mastering ESG 

QPLIX integrates comprehensive ESG scoring data on securities into its platform. This enables family offices, asset managers, private banks, trusts, and foundations to effortlessly serve the growing demand for information on Environmental Social Governance factors. With ESG data and powerful analytics features, the QPLIX software allows you to always have an overview of your portfolios from the ecological or social perspective. You can generate sustainability reports or evaluate assets according to sustainability criteria in the QPLIX portal at any time.


Responsibilty and transparency 

With their investment decisions, capital investors play a key role in the transformation towards a more sustainable economic system. Wealth managers need the right data and tools at hand to identify, together with their clients, which investments are sustainable, and which are not. Therefore, it was a logical step for QPLIX to integrate ESG data into our platform, and automated asset management processes. When a client asks "How green is my portfolio?" you have the answer with just a few clicks. 


Modern customer experience

QPLIX enables all parties involved in the decision-making process to assess the ESG ratings- in the QPLIX portal, in the Wealth App, in PDF reports. Users can see at a glance whether and to what extent a company they're invested in complies with the ethical corporate principles and principles of the United Nations Global Compact or pursues controversial business. In addition, QPLIX visualizes complex interrelationships between financial and sustainability data. This way, you can compare, for instance, the performance of your "green" investments with the rest of the portfolio.  


State of the Art Wealth Management  

QPLIX digitalizes the management of complex financial assets. The FinTech platform serves single- and multi-family offices, foundations and trusts, investment funds, asset managers, and institutional investors. The QPLIX software holistically maps the entire range of asset classes (from liquid to illiquid) and complex legal entity structures. The SaaS-based solution enables managers and clients to securely access their asset reporting and real-time analytics via web browsers and apps at any time.


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