Efficiency Transparency Accountability

The asset managers of foundations and non-profit organisations typically make use of a wide range of asset classes and financial service providers. In addition to liquid assets, they are increasingly investing in more complex asset classes such as real estate and private equity. In order to fund beneficiaries and projects, it's vital that they have a complete view of the portfolio and to forecast returns and liquidity. They need to comply with specific regulations and report to their board. Issues such as ethical or impact investing add another layer of complexity. Sophisticated software such as QPLIX helps increase efficiency and transparency, allowing asset managers to focus on preserving and growing their endowments.

bring your asset management into the digital age

  • Full control of complex portfolios
  • Liquid, illiquid and alternative assets
  • Efficiency boost
  • 360° overview of the entire wealth
  • Consolidate market and transcation data 
  • Advanced risk management 
  • Powerful analytics capabilities
  • Seamless, fully integrated workflows 
  • Automated back office processes
  • Accessible anytime and anywhere
  • Forecast returns and liquidity 
  • ESG data
  • PDF reports to share over any channel



Focus on preserving and growing your endowment

Leave the rest to QPLIX

All asset classes under control

As institutional portfolio management software, QPLIX supports any liquid or illiquid investment instrument. In addition to government and corporate bonds, mortgages and shares, your investment managers also manage real estate, private debt, direct investments as well as private equity funds and any other illiquid investments.

Mastering complexity

QPLIX stands for holistic wealth management. The software brings everything together in one place: Accounts and custody accounts, all investments, investment guidelines, distribution across countries and currencies, market data and scores such as ESG ratings. No matter how complex - you always keep a complete overview of the current portfolio. You can apply the built-in analytical capabilities, look back and create forecasts.


Free from routine work

With QPLIX you increase your efficiency considerably. The processes around accounting, controlling, reporting and analysis are largely automated. Data exchange with banks and accounting software happens via interfaces. Standardised workflows support your team in entering data on illiquid assets. Our software frees up time and energy and saves costs in the long run.


At your side

QPLIX is more than a software provider. We see ourselves as a partner who accompanies you with profound, practical expertise during the digital transformation and works with you to ensure that all aspects of your business remain up to date. Together, we'll turn your investment management into a highly modern, data-driven business.