QPLIX stands for aspiration, revolutionary processes and lightning-quick development. In order to keep it that way, we are constantly mentoring young professionals. If you want to watch your ideas turn into reality and shape your very own position in an aspiring FinTech scale-up, you are good to go. Get your career on track – with QPLIX.



Become a full-fledged part of a team and experience the daily routine in a creative, ambitious and supporting environment. Assert yourself in the field of your talent and develop your strengths. The more time you have, the more you can participate in and dig into fascinating projects and topics. Ideally an internship lasts longer than 8 weeks. Starting as an intern gives you the opportunity to get to know QPLIX and the associated team and opens doors for your further professional career.

Student Employee

Complement your academic studies with practical experiences and create and shape your own position in the changing and supportive environment within a striving and quickly growing company. Of course we support your studies with flexible working hours. An employment as a working student is the perfect way to stay in contact with QPLIX after a successful internship.

Thesis (bachelor/master)

Write your thesis in collaboration with QPLIX and combine theory with practical work. Become an expert in your field of interest and shape your career with this deliberate choice of specialization. In this perfect deal you learn from us and we learn from you.


You are done with your studies and ready to start a professional full-time job? QPLIX offers you a thrilling and challenging junior or trainee position in our team. If you are ready to learn, be challenged and start as a full-fledged team member, you will love to work with us. Please have a look at the dedicated pages for consulting or software engineering for more information regarding available junior or trainee positions.

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Software Engineering

Implement your fresh ideas and help us to develop the most modern WealthTech software on the market. Experience our agile and fast-paced development process and watch visions turn into reality in a matter of seconds, when your individual contribution immediately affects the entire platform. As a young professional you can support one of our software engineering teams (different focus areas, e.g. reporting & analytics, data interfaces, digital broker management etc.).

Data Engineering

Are you interested in the quantitative perspective of the financial industry? You already had first contact with Python (you don’t have to be a Python crack yet) and would like to develop this skill further? Then work with our Q-Data team on new data interfaces (based on Python) to drive platform automation.


Gain experience in consulting in the field of WealthTech and become part of real client projects. Support our Professional Service team in their daily tasks at the interface of project management, asset management, accounting and tech. Possible areas of assignment are our project squads, our Client Advisory team or our Academy (knowledge management).

UI/UX Design

Make your ideas come to life as you create and design the user interface of the QPLIX software. In your function you work closely together with our team of developers and analyze and improve the QPLIX UI. Your tasks are based on the approach to visualize big amounts of complex data in a simple and user-friendly way.

At QPLIX, I have very quickly been given the opportunity to develop personally and to advance my career. Not too long ago I started as a working student and now, I am leading a team with several great employees.


Julia - former working student, now team lead

As a working student, I had the opportunity to work alongside various teams and projects. I was always given the chance to quickly take on responsibility and discover my strengths. That is what makes working at QPLIX so special. I was super happy to continue my journey at QPLIX as a full-fledged team member after my studies.


Julian - Former working student

It's nice to meet you!

In our aspiration for talent and people that share our vision, we love to get to know ambitious and creative individuals – individuals like you. If you are as passionate about innovation as we are and are ready to challenge yourself and broaden your horizon, you sound like a perfect fit for the QPLIX team. We can’t wait to get to know you – what are you waiting for?

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