What is asset management software for insurers and pension funds all about? It all boils down to the efficient management of highly complex portfolios in a highly regulated environment. With QPLIX, institutional investors can digitise and consolidate their diverse investments and gain significant efficiencies. Time-consuming routine activities are automated, allowing you to focus on important tasks such as strategic asset allocation. QPLIX is also a major step forward in terms of transparency and accountabilty.

the advanced asset management software for institutional investors

  • 360° overview of all asset classes    
  • Full integration of illiquid and alternative assets    
  • Automated data import and export  
  • Consolidation of all assets, transactions, and market data  
  • Mapping of ownership, participation, and investment structures    
  • Advanced risk management and controlling  
  • PM tool: analysis, design, simulation   
  • Management and monitoring of investment guidelines  
  •  Automated reporting, ad hoc anwsers for all stakeholders and supervisors   
  •  Detailed mapping of cash flows, investment planning  
  •  Increased efficiency through fully integrated workflows    
  • Integration of core accounting, property management, and document management
  • Improved cooperation with auditors and external asset managers    
  •  High-security standards and individual access rights for flexible working    


Holistic view across all asset classes   

Successful asset managers at insurers and pension providers seek returns with predictable risk by taking advantage of the full range of investment opportunities in the public and private capital markets. To do this, they need a solution that consolidates all asset classes and analytical tools for holistic evaluations. And these are more relevant than ever in volatile times like these: suddenly fixed income is sexy again and inflation is a big topic. Alternative investments continue to play an important role, and the trend is moving increasingly towards infrastructure investments. Portfolios tend to become more complex, the strategic asset allocation has to be reviewed and adjusted more frequently. For this, you need a system with the performance and flexibility of QPLIX.

Detailed insight into every single investment   

  For a detailed insight into each individual investment, specific tools and metrics are required, depending on the asset class. In QPLIX, all information on each investment in liquid assets is available at any time, including current market data, documents and costs. The software allows you to asses your portfolio or individual investments from the ESG perspective. In particular, QPLIX is unbeatable for the management of illiquid or alternative investments, for example infrastructure debt or direct holdings. Private equity funds, right through to managing capital calls. Real estate down to individual leases. All in the same system, digitised and consolidated. Say goodbye to Excel! HL 3 Detaillierte Einblicke in jedes einzelne Investment  


Transparency, compliance, and accountability   

 With QPLIX, you can always see whether you are within the scope of your investment guidelines - regardless of whether it is a matter of self-managed assets or investments with capital management companies. You can map your controlling within the regulatory framework applicable to your company. Since the data of all asset classes - even the illiquid ones - are available digitally, you can meet your reporting obligations much more easily. Thanks to the report templates and data stored in QPLIX, you can create customised financial reports with just a few mouse clicks. In addition, QPLIX improves cooperation with auditors. But you are also able to provide information at any time. The board of directors asks for the latest ESG report. And your supervisory authority wants to know about your Russia exposure. You have the answers in QPLIX. 


Efficiency and value creation   

 With QPLIX, your asset management runs like a well-oiled machine. The software increases the efficiency of your teams by automating the processes around data supply, accounting, controlling, and reporting. You don't have to worry about IT infrastructure and security - we take care of that for you. This allows your team to concentrate on strategic tasks such as adjusting asset allocation as well as short-, medium-, and long-term financial planning. You can run through all possible scenarios, from interest rate and inflation trends to the development of securities or indices. With QPLIX, you can generate plannable returns and remain within the regulatory framework.