Application & Onboarding


Get ready for a ride! Our hiring journey includes a series of interviews with different Q-lleagues, offering you a sneak peek into the vibrant atmosphere at QPLIX. We want to see all sides of you and ensure you an exciting and fair recruitment experience. At QPLIX, we assess candidates not just for their skill set but for their potential. Get ready to showcase your uniqueness! After receiving your application, our talent acquisition team will reach out to you to kick off the process that includes the following steps:

Call (30 mins)

with our talent acquisition team


Your process consists of several of the following components:

  • Getting to know your potential lead and team members talking about your role and projects
  • Finding out about our culture as well as perks & benefits of working at QPLIX
  • Cultural fit interview - Talking with a team member from a different department about our core values
  • Short software demo
  • Office tour (live or virtual)
  • Challenge (e.g. coding case for software engineers or case study for consultants)

Your Offer

Onboarding | Your first Day at QPLIX

2 workshop days | Welcome to Q

  • In the first two days at QPLIX, you and the other new starters will get to know all about us as a company and our product by our very own QPLIX Academy. The team will introduce you to the individual areas of the software as well as tips & tricks for your daily work at QPLIX.

onboarding week

  • The rest of the week you spend with our (digital) trainings and get to know the software better. At regular intervals there will be touchpoints with the Academy team to clarify open questions.

ready to go

  • Now you already got to know most important aspects of the software and can face the first tasks. However, you are not alone, because your team colleagues will support you in successfully mastering the first challenges.

feedback & development

  • We are big fans of receiving and giving open and honest feedback – Let’s regularly talk about 
    your onboarding experience! After your first couple of months at QPLIX, we can also start to 
    develop your tailored personal development plan to set the stage for your future career path.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply for several Positions?

It is best to apply for the position that appeals to you most. However, you are welcome to refer to other positions in your cover letter which also lie within your area of interest. Throughout the entire application process, we respond individually to your wishes and motivation and advise you which consulting or software engineering specialization suits you best. Even after your start with us, you can still land your dream position through good development and specialization opportunities within the company.

What Application Deadlines do I have to meet?

As we are constantly growing, we are always looking for top talents. So you can apply to us all year round and don’t have to consider any application deadlines.

What Documents do I need to submit for my Application?

A good application includes a cover letter, curriculum vitae, certificates (degree / diploma, job references) and project portfolios, if applicable.

How long does the Application Process take?

As soon as a candidate convinces us, we do not hesitate. From receipt of the application to the job offer usually takes only two to three weeks.

How is the Interview Process structured?

The interview process consists of a maximum of three components: A telephone interview in which we get to know each other, a personal meeting in which, among other things, technical topics are discussed and – depending on the position – possibly a founder interview or a trial work to ensure a mutual fit. All information about the application process can be found here.

Can I specialize in certain Topics or Areas?

In almost all areas we organize in several teams with dedicated specializations:

We would be happy to advise you on a suitable specialization, which we also support with many further training opportunities.

Does QPLIX offer a Trainee Program?

We offer a tailor-made trainee program in the area of Fintech Consulting. In 15 months you will pass through many exciting stations (e.g. project management, pre-sales/business development and academy) and after graduation you can choose your preferred department.

How often do I have to travel as a Consultant?

As a FinTech Consultant you usually spend about two days a month with your customer. The meetings mainly serve to promote cooperation with the customer and important milestones. No consultant lives out of a suitcase with us.

What Career Oppertunities does QPLIX offer?

Our steady growth opens up many opportunities to take on responsibility. In doing so, we do not place hierarchical structures in the foreground, but focus on subject responsibilities. Of course, we have clear career levels and specializations in order to develop very well within the company.

What further education opportunities does QPLIX offer?

Our steady growth opens up many opportunities to take on responsibility. In doing so, we do not place hierarchical structures in the foreground, but focus on subject responsibilities. Of course, we have clear career levels and specializations in order to develop very well within the company.

How long does an internship last?

Internships with us usually last between 2 and 6 months. The contents of the internship can be flexibly coordinated with us. You can find further information on entry opportunities for students and young professionals here.

Can I join QPLIX as a consultant after an internship?

What could be better? After an internship you can stay in your familiar environment and make a good start as a consultant or developer.

Can I write my Bachelor/Master thesis at QPLIX?

With pleasure! If we are also passionate about your topic, we will gladly support you with professional input and provide you with the necessary tools. Especially in the field of software engineering we offer some exciting topic suggestions.

What is the working culture at QPLIX like?

In short: we love our product and have fun at work. This includes not only unbeatable team spirit and exciting tasks, but also the opportunity to develop freely. Each of us can make a difference and achieve their own goals. Besides the actual work we offer you a cool team lounge, Xbox inventory, and free coffee & snacks. And cake every now and then. We love cake.

What about the work-life balance at QPLIX?

Every project can become stressful from time to time. Wouldn’t it be pretty boring if this wasn’t the case? Fortunately, stressful and relaxed times are in a healthy balance – flexible and location-independent working hours allow everyone to find a self-determined measure to balance everything. Family and friends are the most important thing for all of us.

"My Job" is not advertised? - What can I do?

If your desired position is not listed and you still want to convince us of your talents, you can always send us an application on your own initiative. You can also find an application form for a speculative application (“Initiativbewerbung”) under our open jobs. Alternatively, you can simply send us an e-mail with your application documents to We look forward to hearing from you!

My question was not answered here - Who can I contact?

If there are still questions unanswered, please send an e-mail to or call us at +49 (89) 998 2716 97.

Can I get a demo account for the software as an applicant?

We do not provide a demo account. We would be happy to present the software to you in a personal conversation so that you can get a first impression.

Any Questions left?

Ask us.

+49 89 998 2716 97
Feel free to give Vivi and Vanessa a call, if you have questions regarding an open position in general or regarding career opportunities at QPLIX.