Private Banking Software

digital power

As an innovation partner, QPLIX supports banks in digitally transforming their wealth business. With our technology and expertise, we help you improve agility, efficiency, and customer centricity. QPLIX private banking software opens up a universe of opportunities. Expand your business with your most valuable clients by controlling their entire wealth - including liquid, illiquid, and alternative investments and assets in other banks. Scale your business and provide a modern customer experience that meets the highest standards. With QPLIX, industry leaders like Deutsche Bank take wealth management to the next level. 

Level up your wealth business
with QPLIX private banking software

  • 360° overview of all asset classes
  • Full control of complex portfolios
  • Liquid, illiquid and alternative assets
  • Consolidates all transaction and market data 
  • Maps any ownership structure
  • Manages and monitor investment guidelines 
  • Data-driven investment decisions
  • Seamless, fully integrated workflows 
  • Automated accounting, reporting and controlling
  • Accessible anytime and anywhere
  • Integrated Ordering and payment
  • Digital customer experience
  • Client Wealth App and Dashboards 
  • PDF reports to share over any channel



outperform your clients' expectations

Modern customer experience with digital power 

With QPLIX private banking software, you can offer your wealth clients personal wealth apps and digital experience. However, private banking will always be a people-driven business. So QPLIX enables a hybrid approach combining technology and human expertise. Your relationship managers get all they need to serve their clients in a personalised manner, over any channel.


Holistic overview of complex portfolios

As portfolio management software, our digital platform brings everything together: Accounts and custodians, all asset classes investment guidelines, distribution across countries and currencies as well as ownership structures. No matter how complex - you always maintain a complete overview of the current total assets of each client and create valid analyses and forecasts. This enables you to improve the investment strategy, offer suitable products and increase the share of wallet.


Improved Flexibility and Profitabilty 

QPLIX improves collaboration with your clients, within your team and with external service providers. Everyone works on one and the same platform, always with consistent data, regardless of location and with the highest level of security. This way, our private banking software fits seamlessly into modern workplace concepts. At the same time, process automation lifts efficiency and productivity, enabling you to scale your business and optimise margins. With the same ressources, you can serve more clients with higher value services. 


Your technology partner 

QPLIX is more than a software provider. We see ourselves as a partner who guides you and your team to get the most out of digitalised wealth management and reach your strategic business goals. We employ roughly the same number of software and financial experts. You can always rely on their support, proactive advice, and discretion. Together, we’ll turn your bank into a modern, data-driven wealth business.