software for independent financial advisors and asset managers


QPLIX is your platform for delivering highly efficient portfolio management and a superior client experience at scale. The advanced software solution for financial advisors includes expert support and data supply. Independent financial advisors and asset managers can increase efficiency, optimise margins and costs, and deliver a modern client experience to attract younger generations of investors. With these levers in place, they are poised for future success. And the key to all of this is digitalisation. With QPLIX as your technology partner, you can bring your business up to date in just a few weeks. 

Digital Power
for Wealth managers

  • Efficiency boost
  • Digital customer experience
  • 360° overview of the entire wealth
  • Client Wealth App and Dashboards 
  • Full control of complex portfolios
  • Consolidates market and transcation data 


  • Powerful analytics capabilities
  • Seamless, fully integrated workflows 
  • Automated back office processes
  • Accessible anytime and anywhere
  • Integrated ordering, payment and document management
  • PDF reports to share over any channel



We pave your way to the future.

High-value services

The business of independent financial advisors and asset managers will always be driven by people. However, to remain competitive, human expertise and relationships must be enhanced with technology and data. With QPLIX financial advisory software, your relationship managers can provide personalised advice to their clients and deliver high-value services through any channel. QPLIX enables value-added services that set you apart from your direct competitors, as well as robos and self-investing products. And with our personal wealth apps and PDF reports, you can deliver the digital experience your clients expect today.    



Zero Gravity - free your team from tedious tasks

With QPLIX you improve your efficiency considerably. The portfolio management processes from data maintenance, to accounting, controlling, and reporting to analysis and ordering are largely automated. This not only saves costs and allows you to improveyour margins. Our software frees up valuable resources. Your team, from the back office to the relationship manager, can look after more clients with the same effort and even with a better service quality. You can scale your business in every dimension.


360° View  - keep the overview in an increasingly complex world

QPLIX brings everything together: accounts and custody accounts of all banks, all investments, investment guidelines, distribution across countries and currencies. No matter how complex - you always keep a complete overview of the current total assets of each client and create valid analyses and forecasts. This enables you to improve the investment strategy, identify opportunities and increase the share of wallet.  


Squaring the circle

Standardisation versus personalisation. Growing customer expectations versus cost reduction. Increasing regulatory pressure versus process efficiency. With QPLIX you can resolve these contradictions. Squaring the circle is possible thanks to the proven processes built into QPLIX and the efficient access to investor, portfolio and asset data along all documents and records